About Us

Resume Professionals is a professional resume and LinkedIn writing service for everyone from C-level executives to recent graduates. Our team of expert resume writers are here to help you create a powerful and impactful resume and LinkedIn profile in as little as 3-5 business days!

About Our Resumes

Detailed Research and Optimized for ATS and SEO

Each resume and LinkedIn profile undergoes a thorough and comprehensive process to ensure it represents you in a powerful and impactful way.
Before your interview/consultation even begins, we’ve already researched your targeted positions and compiled lists of relevant keywords and required skills to ask you about during your 60-90-minute consultation.



Comprehensive Interviews/Consultations and Personalized Hiring Strategies

Every resume and LinkedIn profile is uniquely crafted to your experiences, position and industry.
During your interview, your professional resume writer will gather additional information about your job experiences, accomplishments and results-based achievements to develop your personalized hiring strategy.



Unlimited Revisions and 90-Day Interview Guarantee

Your personal resume writer will work with you from the start of your consultation to the final documents.
We offer unlimited revisions and a 90-day interview guarantee to make sure your new resume and LinkedIn profile are exactly what you want.